Welcome to the Marlcliffe Robinwood Residential 2020 Blog

Kit list

If you’re wanting to get ahead with preparing your child’s kit for the trip, here’s the centre’s recommended kit list: 3 t-shirts 3 sweatshirts/jumpers/hoodies/fleeces 3 pairs of trousers 2 pairs of shorts 6 sets of underwear 6 pairs of socks 1 pair of trainers 1 pair of outdoor shoes/boots 2 towels 1 coat (ideally waterproof)Continue reading “Kit list”


Welcome to the blog for the Y4 Robinwood residential 2020. Ahead of the trip, we will use these pages to post useful information. During the trip, we will use the blog to post pictures and updates (we won’t post pictures of children for whom we do not have parental consent to do so). On WednesdayContinue reading “Welcome”

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